Hiring a virtual assistant can save you time and money.

Are you thinking of outsourcing?  Hiring a virtual assistant can save you time and money.

With the growth of the internet and home business industry, getting your administrative tasks done remotely is now possible.  Simply put, Outsourcing is playing an important role to the goal of small business owners, as it reduces expenditure and increase of revenue.  That is why the virtual assistant field has been consistently growing for the past 15years.

Who Is A Virtual Assistant?

A Virtual Assistant also referred to as a VA, is someone who mainly provides office and administrative support services to their clients.  They work remotely from their home office or from a centralized location.  Since its inception, the field have grown to accommodate other services beyond that of a traditional administrative assistant.  Other services VA's provide includes marketing and advertising, social media, web designing and SEO (search engine optimization) and technical services...just to name a few.  

Virtual assistants are not employees.  They are self-employed business owners themselves, who provides services for small business owners and corporate executives on a hourly, weekly or monthly.  Depending on the needs of a client, they can also establish a monthly retainer fee, especially if it goes beyond basic  administrative and clerical functions, to include other are tasks that falls within the scope of their prescribed services.

Why You Should Consider Hiring A Virtual Assistant

The biggest advantage of hiring a virtual assistant is cost.  You get to enjoy some cost saving benefits, especially if you are a new business owner or, if you are building your business on a tight budget.  Every business owner and entrepreneur loves to save. 

Some are some of the benefits of using a virtual assistant versus hiring a secretary or an administrative assistant:

  • You save on salaries and other employee benefits like insurances, health & dental benefits, workers comp, vacation pay, payroll taxes, paid sick leave and off days, additional employee perks, staff training and so on.
  • You save on office space.  Depending on your type of business, you can actually run a successful business from the comfort of your home.  No need to rent office space.
  • Eliminate the need to contract with temporary agencies.  The same people that temporary agencies send to you are the same people you will be directly contracting with, eliminating the middleman (the agency), and investing a substantial amount back into your business.  
  • There will be no need to invest in expensive office equipment.
  • Eliminate paying for overtime during peak season. 
  • Save money by paying only for the time spent on your project or pay a reasonable retainer monthly fee.  Either way, you will be saving a lot of money compared to going through a temporary agency.
  • Spend your time growing your business, finding new customers and developing your relationship with existing  ones not on doing time-consuming administrative tasks. 
  • You will have time to research and implement new marketing strategies that will give you a competitive edge.
  • Reduce your Capital and Start-up costs.


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