About me

Here's what you need to know about me.

I have been on the internet for over 10years.  I love working from home because of the freedom to wake up when I want and go to bed when I feel like. 

I enjoy reading, writing and watching movies during my spare time.  I also love jigsaw puzzles and word scramblers.  In short, any game that keeps my creative juice flowing I love.  It keeps my brain stimulated.

Here are some more information about me that you may not know:

I love God!   I don't care what they say...me, myself & I love Jesus.  You know why?

Because he's been good to me and I can prove it.

Here's how:

When they told me I would never make it...he tells me I can.  And this is proof.

When I lost my job...He told me he will provide for me and he has.

When I was sick and don't know what was wrong with me...He told me he will heal me and he has.

When trusted friends turned on me...He told me he will be my friend and he has.

When all else failed and I called on him...He began to put things back together again for me.

In short, here is what he says about me:

"I wish above all things that  you may prosper and be in good health even as your soul prospers"

I believe him because he has done just that!  He keeps blessing me because I choose to believe him.

I've Told You A Little Bit About Me. What About You?

Do you believe he can take care of you?  Do you believe he can give you your heart's desire?   Do you have a gift or a talent that you want to showcase?  I'll help you.    Subscribe to my ezine and bookmark this site, or use this form to contact me.   Go ahead!  Subscribe now.

Know what...always know this!  If you're thinking about it, you can nurture it and build it.  And this site gives you all of the tools.  So don't be afraid.  Take a step of faith and get started now.  No!  Don't put it off any longer.  You've put it off long enough.  Now is the time.  Start today.

You've come to the right place!  Bookmark my site and visit daily for regular updates and new information.

Well...that's all for now!  Thank you for visiting and have a blessed and pleasant day.


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