Write For Profit. It Can Be Fun

There are people who think that those who write for profit are not generating sustainable income.  But that is not true.

When you decide to do it as a career, how far you go to build a full time income depends on you.  The passion to write is very important.  There may be quite a few challenges along the way when  you first start.  But with time, your confidence builds up as you practice the craft.

How To Grow Your Business If You Decide To Write For Profit.

1) Find a professional writer if you can't do the writing yourself.  There are freelancers who do that for a living.  Advertise for the contract, and accept as many applications as you can.  Don't limit yourself by accepting only a few.  Remember, your goal is to be able to write for profit.

2) Determine your income goal.  Whether you want to make $500 or $10,000 a month, it's up to you.  If you just want to do it as a hobby to generate an extra five to six hundred dollars a month, work it as such.  But if you plan to make it your primary business, then you should treat it as a real business.  Invest in tools and resources like software and templates that will help grow the business.

3) If you have a website, (and I suggest you should have one), make it informative and engaging.  Don't just write for the fun of it, write with the goal for people to stay on your site for a longer than they anticipated.

4)  Make your site is search engine friendly.  Google loves fresh original content.  Avoid plagiarism at all cost.  Search Engines hate it, and they will penalize you heavily if it is detected that you are trying to take credit for somebody's hard work.  If you use someone else's content, always give them the credit.

5)  Depending on what your business goal is, you can build several sites for different niches or, you can focus on one niche and maintain only the one site.  When people get use to your site, they go will bookmark it and go there for anything they want in your niche.  As your audience grows, so will your income.

6) There are several ways you can monetize your website. 

(a) Become an affiliate for affiliate networks like Shareasale, Commission Junction, Clickbank, and a whole bunch of others.  Some CPA sites are very difficult to get into.  But once you get in, only the sky will be your limit when it comes to making money.

(b) Develop your own product.  For example, a "how-to"e-Book and promote it on your site.

(c) Become a re-seller.  A re-seller is similar to an affiliate but may have more privileges and flexibility. Most times, they have a higher percentage in commission than an affiliate, and may even have the freedom to adjust their own price. 

(d)  Finder's fee.  Instead of becoming an affiliate, some companies will pay you if you refer customers to them.  An example is Real Estate.  You for referring someone you know is either selling their home or looking to buy.

7) Since your website is going to be dedicated to writing articles, you will need a reliable hosting service.  I always recommend SiteSell.  SiteSell gives all the tools needed to build a successful business no matter the niche

8) Don't start your article writing business with the expectation that you will start making money within a week.  Unless you have a huge subscribers' base, it's not going to happen.  When you write for profit, know that it takes time before the money starts rolling in.  Patience is key.  But it will be well worth it in the end as the search engines crawl your site and searchers begin to find you.

Overall, Article marketing can be exciting, profitable and educative and profitable.


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