How To Start Affiliate Marketing

Knowing how to start affiliate marketing is key if you plan on doing business as an affiliate.  Since it is a term that gets thrown around a lot in the internet marketing world, many people jump on it without no clear direction.  Obviously, it is easy to believe that you can make money overnight just by selling a fantastic product.  But many have learned that that is not the case.  Like every other business, in order to start earning full time income in affiliate marketing, there is a learning curve.

Understanding How To Start Affiliate Marketing Before You Delve In

What is Affiliate Marketing?

It is a form of marketing that merchants use to grow their business.  Most people start Affiliate marketing because it is the easiest business to start online.  Most is free but some marketers spend money on promotion and advertising.  A lot of marketers who are financially secure today started off that way.

There are four people involved in the process. 

1) The Business Owner AKA as the "merchant" or the "advertiser."
2) The "affiliate" AKA as the "publisher." - the person doing the marketing.
3) The buyers or the customers
4)  The affiliate networks.  These are companies set up as intermediaries between the affiliate and the advertiser.  Some merchants run there own affiliate program independently.

What You Need To Know Before You Start Affiliate Marketing.

Before you start your business, you need to know the chain of command.

Before an agreement is reached between a merchant and an affiliate, they both has to be a member of one an affiliate network.  Sign up to become part of that network, and wait for approval.

After you have been approved, you can start looking for products you may be interested in to market. 

When you see one you like, apply to the merchant.  You may either get approved or you may not.  If you are, start promoting with the replicated website you'll be given, in addition to other tools like banners, email swipes and so on.

Always remember that just because you are part of the network, doesn't mean a merchant will accept your application.  They are free to decline if they so choose.  If you are declined, DO NOT market their product.  Don't be discouraged either.  If you are a good salesman or woman, it's their loss.  There are thousands of other products to market.

The merchant, will offer to pay you a percentage whenever you make a sale or send a referral (if they pay for referrals).   All this will be done through the network.

When Do You Get Paid For Your Hardwork?

As mentioned earlier, the networks are the middlemen between you and the merchant.  So most likely your checks will be coming from them.  If it's a merchant that has their own independent affiliate program, they will be responsible to pay you.  You can get paid via direct deposit or PayPal or any other payment option they have.  Payment of your commissions varies from network to network or from independent merchant to independent merchant..

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