Can Sewing For Profit Be Lucrative?

Do you love sewing?  If you do, you may want to consider sewing for profit if you haven't already started.  With so many people wanting their own clothing pattern and style, it is fast becoming a very lucrative craft.

Because sewing is very broad, there are unlimited opportunities to build a sewing business effortlessly.  It doesn't take a lot of money and you will not need to learn the craft, especially if you are already doing it as a passion or for fun.  If you put together a good business plan, there are numerous ways to profit from your skill. 

For example, you can focus on specific lines of clothing like children's clothing, bridal dresses, applique and embroidery, men's shirt, women's clothes or, you can combine then and focus on multiple lines.  Either way, if you are good at what you do, and your customers are happy, your customer base will keep growing. 

How To Start Sewing For Profit.

If you already know how to, sewing for profit doesn't require a lot.  Other than buying the basic tools to get started which includes a simple sewing machine, threads, needles, some fabrics and other basic necessities, your only other assignment is to do your research.  In addition to getting your materials ready and creating a space in your home for your business, you may want to do some research.  Researching about your business might include the following:

1)  How many other people in your area are doing sewing as a business.

2)  Is there a networking group for your craft?

3)  How much are they charging?  (This is important so you can stay competitive)  If you charge too much, your competitors may "steal" your potential customers.  If you charge too little, you may come across as only doing it as a hobby, and people who want a big project may end up going to your competitor who charges more.  It all has to do with the psychological impression you're creating in the minds of your clientele.

4)  As your business grows, consider buying a higher quality sewing machine with additional features.  For example, one that has the capability to do embroideries and appliques.  The more your creativity is expressed in your work, they referrals you'll get.

Sewing is one craft that benefits from free word-of-mouth advertising.  All there is to it is to sew well and let people enjoy your creativity on someone else, and word about your business goes around pretty quickly.  The more you apply your skill, the more your creativity comes out.   Sometimes, you will even end up doing things you never knew you could do.

Sewing For Profit When You Don't Know The Craft.

The easiest way to get started is to take a class in sewing, so you can learn the basics.  After you feel comfortable, you can start by sewing simple clothing like skirts and blouses, undergarments, etc.  After you have become more comfortable with the machine, you can go a step further and start using patterns.   Although some people don't use patterns, as a beginner it is advisable, especially if  you are doing it for someone.   Patterns are available in nearly all sewing and fabric stores, and there are books that teaches how to sew with patterns.

Lastly, offer to sew for those very close to you like family members first, before launching full-time.  If you mess up, most of your family members will understand that you are still a work in progress.  There may or may not be some liability but it will most likely be minimal.

Like any other field, it takes practice and consistency to get to perfection.  The more you sew, the better you become at it and the more hidden talents you'll discover.

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