Promoting Affiliate Products Using A Capture Page

Promoting affiliate products to the right audience is the hard part for newbies who choose affiliate marketing as their home business start-up.  Signing up is always easy, after you have done your research.  If you choose the right products and market to the right audience, you can start building your business within a very short space of time.

So this article is about promoting affiliate products to the people that are already looking for what you have using a Capture Page.

Promoting Affiliate Products - A Few Tips

Experienced affiliate marketers know the power of Capture Pages.  It is their bread and butter.  They would never promote a product without using one. 

The main purpose is to have the ability to build your own personal list of targeted customers.  If you promote an affiliate link without a Capture Page, all your leads end up going to the company you're marketing for.  In most cases, you will NEVER know who they are.  The company adds them to their database and consistently send them campaign messages urging them to buy their products.  If you had promoted with a Capture Page, you would be the one doing that and making big commissions.

Meanwhile, you will be losing money because of that one mistake.  It can cost you thousands of dollars every month. A lot of affiliates are missing out on huge commission checks because of this.  Very few companies send you the information of customers that bought from your affiliate website. So do not throw away money.  Build a Capture page and take your business to a whole new level. 

You've heard it said before that the "money is in the list."  This is not just a saying.  It has been tried, tested and proven over and over again.  Those who are making serious money with affiliate marketing effortlessly, are those who have built their list over the years.  Start building yours today!

So How Do You Build A List If You Are New To Affiliate Marketing?

There are many companies that offer Capture Pages.  But there's only two that I recommend because I use them myself.  Power Lead System, which requires a one-time payment and Lead Capture Page Boss, which requires a monthly subscription. 

The former (Power Lead System) is for marketers who are still testing the waters to see whether internet and home business is good for them but still as powerful as can be.  The Latter (Lead Capture Page Boss) is for people who are determined to take their business to higher heights, so they can come home to start their business full-time.

To help you understand how these two programs work, two pages will be created soon.  It will help you understand how both of these companies work, and how you can get the most out of one or both of them.  Please bookmark our site and come back soon.

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