Make Money With Online Directory Websites

Online directory websites have become a huge money-maker as the internet grows.

First of all, everyone who comes online are coming to search for something they have in mind.  So imagine what your income would be like, if you decide to establish an Online directory website.   Not only that, online directories are a surefire way to drive traffic to any site of your choice.

With so many niches to choose from, you can decide to stick to one or you can do multiple directory sites.  Depending on your ability and time, it can be the only business you will ever need.

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Ways You Can Make Money With Online Directory Websites

Think of the thousands of searches people do on the internet each day for different niches .  For example, there are thousands of people looking for a legitimate way to start an internet and home business opportunity.  From work from home programs to income or money-making opportunities, will all fall under this niche, making it one of the hottest niches in this modern times.    It generates thousands and searches per day, making it one of the hottest niches currently.  Imagine having a directory for such a niche that is already search engine optimized.  The traffic and income you will generate is astronomical.   

1)  Advertising.  You can offer advertising space to small business owners in your local community or, you can expand it and go national and global and charge a monthly or weekly fee for your services.  There are many businesses that are looking for exposure and would gladly pay to help them get more customers.

2)  Affiliate Commissions - A lot of affiliates are making easy money simply by sending traffic to offers of companies that are willing to pay them for sales generated from their web traffic.  You can sign up to become an affiliate with some of the top affiliate networks like Shareasale, CJ, Linkshare, and a host of others.

If you don't want to go through an affiliate network, simply list businesses for free and contact the owner  when you notice they're beginning to get huge traffic to their website.

3)  Offer to do Solo Advertising, Exit Ads, Signature Ads and Sign-in Ads for members as your membership grows.

4)  Become a Lead broker.   People that subscribe to the Sign Up form on your Lead Capture page are interested in your offer, and are giving you permission to contact them.  You can in turn sell those Leads to the appropriate companies . People do it but personally, we DO NOT recommend it.    If you want to make money with Online directory websites, you can do so without breaching the trust of your subscribers.

5) Google Adsense.  When you apply, Google will place relevant Ads on your site.  Any time someone clicks on any of the links they placed on your site, you make money.  Please note that Google is VERY STRICT.  DO NOT click on the Ads your self.  You can loose your earnings.

6)  Set up a membership section and charge members to access exclusive information that could help build their business.  Before using this option, be sure to give people their money's worth.

Free e-Book Download - 5 Secrets of Successful Money-Making Directories

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