Making Money With Membership Websites

Membership websites are becoming very popular these days.  Not only  because of its potential to generate full-time income for its owner, but also because of the freedom to do anything you want with it.  You can post information, an announcement, a blog post, an Ad, e-Books, videos, audios, pictures...just about anything of interest.

Whether your goal is to use it as a Subscriber and Lead generation tool or to get exposure about yourself,  your product, your services or your non-profit organization, having one is a great way to build and maintain the right audience for your niche. 

What Are The Advantages Of Having Membership Websites?

With people flocking to the internet in search of information about everything from income and business opportunities to health and travel, having a membership site is a smart way to build a laser targeted subscriber base and generate consistent cash flow. 

Smart marketers have a way of doing this.  Give visitors general information about your niche on your main website or blog to whet their appetite, then ask them to subscribe for more information.  In other words, use your website or blog to pre-sell, and then use your membership site to make the sale. 

You can become a teacher or a coach without stepping into the classroom.  If you are an expert in a particular field, create a course in an e-Book form and put it on your membership site.  Members who are interested, can then pay to get it downloaded.  By the way, you can also sell your Courses at Udemy.

Selling advertising space is another great way to monetize your membership site.  A good product that is in demand is always an easy sell.

Products affiliated with your niche can also add to  your income stream.  Sign up to become an affiliate for a product or niche of interest, and start writing articles about them.   Put them on your site and create links to your affiliate page or website.

The advantages of owning membership websites are numerous. But it also has its downsides. 

Members retention can be challenging, if you don't constantly produce fresh information.  People can stop paying and drop out without notice for several reasons including:

  • Loss of interest in the Course...
  • Someone showed them somewhere else to get it for free or....
  • Simply because they can no longer afford the subscription.

    However, despite the challenges, subscribers can stay on your list for years without unsubscribing, and  you can keep marketing other products to them as long as they remain on your mailing list.

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