Make Money Writing Articles

You can make money writing articles even if you don't have a website.   If you love to write, this is a good way to make money without little to no expense.  

After you have written you article, check to see to make sure there are no errors. Always review your article before  submission.  You can also asked people to notify you if they see any errors.  Sometimes, the naked eyes just don't catch it.

If you can't write but love using that form of marketing, you can contract with professional writers at Odesk, Elance, Fiverr and any other freelancing site on the internet.  Ask for samples to see their writing styles.  When you find someone you that matches your expectation, start out by giving them short topics to write on.  If you are comfortable and are seeing results, you can give them more gigs.

Since you own the copyright, you have the privilege of including your by-line, so readers know who you the author.

After all that is done, submit your article to directories and websites.

People who are impressed with the knowledge of your niche, always check who the author is.  Some may ask your permission to use the article, others may go ahead and use it, but will make sure you get the credit.   That is why it is important that you include your information on every article you write and a link to your website.  

Here's How You Make Money Writing Articles

Many affiliates make money writing articles everyday.   If you are an affiliate marketer, simply choose a product from the affiliate network of companies or a company you are working with and write about it.  Write about the benefits of the products or services, how it will help the buyer, etc.  You can then submit it for review.  Article directory owners are very strict these days.  Plan well, do it well and execute.  By the way, you can repeat this process as many times as you want.  The more articles you write, the more popular you become and the more comfortable people become to buy from you.

As your readership grows, potential buyers  will most likely click on your link and purchase the product from you if they need it.   Do it over and over again anytime you want to make extra money. with any product.  Do this anytime, all year long with any product, as long as you are an authorized and approved affiliate for the product.

If you are a network marketer, it pretty much works the same way.  Write about your product, show its benefits, get readers curios and point them to website. The more articles you submit, the greater your chances to make money writing articles.

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