Home Business Requirements for each state

Home Business requirements for each State is available for easy reference.

Want to start a home or internet business?  Not sure if you need a permit or license?  Don't know what the business requirements for your State are?   Not sure what business you can do from home?  Don't know about the zoning regulations in your State?  We've got you covered!

Regardless of the type of home business you are planning to do, you may either need a permit or a license, in order for you to operate legally in ALL States.  There may be some laws and regulations that are similar in all or some States, and there may be ones that are different.  Regardless of those conflicts, cross your "t's" and dot your "i's" before you start.

We have assembled resources and links if you  want to know more about home business requirements for each State.   This is for easy reference.  These useful information will help you navigate through the maze of starting your business.   Whether it is home-based, Online or a traditional brick and mortar business, getting the right information can get you off to a good start. 

Most people start their home or internet business without a license or a permit, either because they don't know or they don't think it's necessary.

Learn about the legal requirements for starting a business in your State...
Learn what type of permit or license you need...e.g. If you decide to sell products like cigarettes and alcohol, you may need a different kind of license from one that is required to sell clothing.  
Find out more about the Chamber of Commerce in your State...
Find out what programs are available to help enhance the success of your business...
Find out more about local and State required taxes...

Business Requirements for each State

Other Home Business Requirements


Zoning laws are often overlooked.  Compared to traditional businesses,  they are not very strictly monitored for home-based businesses.  However, you need to know what is required, especially in residential areas.  Avoid being accused of breaking the law by checking with your county or city what your choices are.   That way, you will be exonerated should a neighbor, a friend or even a client files a report. 

If your business is prohibited from being conducted from home,  you can file a petition for an exception, with your county's zoning office for permission to conduct your business from home.  This is called a petition of variance.

Other applicable restrictions may include:

Your customer's visits.
Volume of activities conducted.
The number of employees you have.
The kind of permit or license you may need. (click on the link of your State to learn more)


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