Getting Visitors To Take Action While On Your Site.

No matter your niche, putting up a nice website is not an issue.  Getting visitors to take action is.  Convincing visitors that what you have will benefit them, and eventually getting them either sign up for your offer or buy your product, is the real problem for most internet marketers. 

Whether you have a Capture page for the purpose of building your list or, whether you have a website for making direct sales, the one thing all marketers can agree on is that, getting visitors to take the final step to give you that sale is the most challenging part in Online marketing.  You may have everything a visitor is looking for, but chances are, if you cannot persuade them, they will end up going somewhere else.

Every successful marketer today know this too well.  They have ALL walked through the path of frustration, going on for days, sometimes weeks without making a single sale or getting a single sign-up.  A lot of them make it look easy now, but it wasn't when they were in your shoe.  They, like you went through lots of trials and errors, wasted money buying products to help drive traffic until before they finally got their breakthrough.  The trick is, once you find a strategy that works, stick with it until you feel it's no longer working.  Rinse and repeat until you find another strategy that is also effective. 

How To Start Getting Visitors To Buy Your Product or Sign Up For Your Offer.

1)  Create a Headline that feeds the hunger of your visitors.  People come on the internet to get information.  Addressing their need through your headline is a step in the right direction. It can certainly lead to making the sale.  So use phrases that provokes curiosity.  For example:

"How To Start Getting Visitors To Buy Your Product or Sign Up for your offer."

A  visitor who is desperately looking for ways to get more visitors to his or her site will certainly be interested in learning more.

2)  Very briefly mention the "what's in it for them."  Show them the benefits so they know how it is going to benefit them.

3)  Have a "Special" going on?  Let them know. 

4) Calm their fears or skepticism.  Give a "Guarantee."

5)  If possible, mention the benefits again. Sometimes by the time people finish browsing a website, they have forgotten everything they read earlier.

6)  Give away something for free if you can.  Not a pen or pencil, but
something that compliments the a free e-Book.

Even if they didn't buy the first time, at least they would've seen your site.  Be consistent.  And keep exposing it.  Sometimes people don't buy because they don't have the money at that particular moment.  They may not sign in because they want to browse other websites.  The key is consistency.

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