Buying Good Clickbank Products

Clickbank products has both advantages and disadvantages.   As the largest marketplace for digital eBooks, there may be many over-hyped, low-quality and poorly written among the mix.  But among the bad ones, are some very good ones you may find to be helpful as you plan to start your home business.

Here's how you can find good Clickbank products

1.  Decide what niche you want to focus on as you plan to start your business.

2.   Make a list of the type of people that will most likely would want your product or services

3). If you have a website, (and I recommend you have one) track your visitors path and make a note of the pages that are visited the most.  If you really want to have an in depth knowledge of your visitors behavior, create a survey form.  Survey forms helps you to create a tightly crisp targeted list of potential customers that may be interested in your business or services.

The ONLY company I recommend for starting your business is SiteSell.  They give you a lot of much-needed tools and resources for your money's worth.  Other companies may have these same tools but most likely will ask you to upgrade before you can use them.

4) When you're ready, go over to Clickbank and start looking for products in your niche.  Either create a table in Word document, or create an Excel spreadsheet to keep track of the ones you would like to promote.   Understand that just because you like a product, doesn't mean people will buy it.  It's a mistake most new internet and home business owners make.  They see a product they like, sign up for it and start promoting it, only to realize that nobody is buying.  What a waste of time! Isn't it?  Don't make that mistake.

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5)  When you're done, head over to forums, facebook and other review sites to see what others who've used the product are saying.  If you ever wonder why a product you think is a good product but nobody is buying, that may be the reason why.  People are checking on their reviews.  Too many negative feedback will cause people to ignore.

6) Take note of the ones that are on your list that have negative feedback and cross them out.  Live the one that are good and write down others you may not have had.

7)  Head over to Clickbank and start signing up to promote those ones.   Some people consider gravity and percentage of commission paid.  I personally do not make that an issue because (1) If it's a good product the volume sold will be high. (2) You may be selling other products that are also making you money.

When you've done all your homework and have had enough information, buying good Clickbank products won't be that hard. 

If you want to own a Clickbank store to add to your income stream, I recommend CBpro Ads.  They've been around for while and they give you the option to choose what kinds of product you will like to have on your site.  Some people say they're making money with it, especially when they upgrade.

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