Build A Capture Page To Get Fresh Leads Daily.

Every internet marketer knows how important it is to build a capture page for their business.   Because capture pages are so effective, experienced marketers have gone on to build a gigantic list of responsive buyers who continue to support their business and buy their products.

If you are new to internet and home business, especially if you are planning to go into affiliate marketing, you may not understand the importance of capture pages and probably may be asking why it is important to build one.

If you talk to different savvy marketers and ask how they became successful on the internet, many will tell you that they applied different marketing strategies.  While that may be true, it is not necessarily the whole truth.  Yes, they may have used different strategies including Solo Advertising, Traffic Exchanges, Ezines and newsletter advertising, Pay Per Click etc.  But the truth is, to a greater extent, the bulk of their revenue were generated from a personal list they developed through capture pages.

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Why It Is So Important That You Build A Capture Page For Your Niche

It is very important for you to build a capture page, especially if you going to be an affiliate marketer.  Affiliate marketing done right, can change your financial situation.  Having thousands of dollars come into your home every week, every two weeks or every month depending on the merchant's commission structure, is a sigh of relief, especially in these tough economic times.  But you can explode your business, if you take it further and build a capture page.  Why?  Because every person that enters their name and contact information is your personal potential customer, and not just the company alone.  It means they are either interested in  the product, or they are curious and would like to have more information.

By creating a capture page, you can end up with thousands of laser-targeted subscribers who are interested in your niche.  Because these people willingly entered their information on your page, you will not be accused of SPAMMING, although there's a possibility that someone may accuse you of spamming them at some point.  The best way to protect yourself is to capture their IP address and time and date stamp they entered their information.  Most markets now do this.

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Also, the list you create will always be exclusively yours.  Unless, those same people have signed up somewhere, you most like will be the only one with their information.  If you are able to gather thousands of subscribers, you can sell, rent or borrow your list to other marketers.

The Endless Income Possibilities of Capture Pages

Think of the endless income possibilities of Capture Pages.  I mean...not just any kind of Capture Pages, but one that is professionally done.  These types of capture pages attracts more sign-ups because they are of high marketing quality.  Prospects who are interested in your niche, tend to be serious about what they want, and will put their correct information for you to contact them.  On the contrary, pages that are developed by amateurs, tends to attract "tire-kickers."  These are people who fill in fictitious email addresses and phone numbers, and end up wasting your time. 

The best way to avoid this is to build a capture page that is attractive, professional and of high quality.   Remember, the money is in the list.  So build a capture page that will make you money. 

Another possibility is that you can become a List broker if your Capture Pages keeps attracting your sign ups.

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