Understanding Article Marketing

Article marketing is vital to your business growth.    Understanding what it is, will help you get good results.  So...what is it?

It is a marketing strategy used to drive targeted traffic to your website by  writing articles pertaining to your products or services.  The aim is to arouse the curiosity of the reader, to get them to click the link to your site for more information, and ultimately buy or contact you with questions.  This type of marketing is free and targeted because, only people who are interested in the topic will most likely read your content.

After writing your article and meeting all the requirements of article submission, you can then submitted it article sites like Ezine Articles, Articles Base, just to name a few.

This marketing strategy is not just to pique the  interest of readers, it also  establishes you the writer, as an expert in the niche you're writing about.  This builds your credibility and likability.  Generally, in the online world, people support and will buy from who they know, like or trust.  That is why it is important not to come across as arrogant, rude and obnoxious when you are trying to do business on the internet.

If people like the  article or feel it is beneficial to them, they may republish it, while giving you the writer the credit.  In some cases, they will forward it to their network of friends who they know will benefit from the information.  This process ultimately
goes viral, giving more exposure to your website and potential sales.   So a well written article means free targeted traffic without the cost of SEO (Search Engine Optimization).  It is free traffic, although some sites may offer additional enhancements for maximum exposure at a reasonable cost.  Most times, this is optional.

How Easy Is It To Use Article Marketing As A Form Of Advertising

Before now, article marketing was a tedious process.  But these days, there are templates that simplify the process, making it easier for you to organize your thoughts before writing it down.  The advantage is that, you can write faster. This creates the opportunity to write more in less time.  If you are passionate about using this strategy, you will have fun doing it.

Here are some tips that will make your contents stand out if you plan to do article marketing.

1)  Your Title should be strong and compelling.  It is very important that you create a title that would "force" viewers to click and make the spiders crawl your site.  Remember you are writing for two audiences. - the search engine spiders and the human eye.  Always make sure your title reflects your content.  Search engine spiders are like humans.  They can detect when something is not right  and would ignore your site if they do. 

2) Find ideas for your project in forums, facebook and other social mediums, blogs, other articles, etc.  You can find ideas almost anywhere on the internet.

3) Include your keywords at the beginning of your Title.  If possible, let it be at the beginning or the middle, instead of the end.  This is one of the reasons why SiteSell is the best company to use, because Solo Build It analyzes your content and will let you know if you need to adjust your Title.

4) It is good practice to research keywords that searchers are typing in the search engines, and use them in your Title.  Look for one that have a high search volume but low competition.  Again, that is what makes  Solo Build It so powerful.  It is all included in the package for a very low price. 

5)  Write at least 400 words.  500-600 words is ideal.   Break your writing into paragraphs and create backlinks in the body of your content.  Anything too long will loose the interest of readers.  Also avoid continuous repetition of the your keywords.


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